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‘Healing of the Heart’ is a retreat that was created off of the inspiration of Landon's Legacy - a fellow angel mom in Canada who created a special place for grieving mothers to connect and heal on levels only other grieving mothers can relate to.

After being lead to Amelia’s retreat through an online connection, Hayden's mom, Ady, knew she needed to create something similar for mothers where they would find a tranquil place to find solace and relaxation for grieving mothers here on the east coast.

In 2015 Hayden's Heart hosted their first 'Healing of the Heart' retreat. 24 heart angel mamas gathered from all over the country, most meeting for the first time. It was an instant bond and connection words can't begin to describe. Those mothers still talk daily and have small reunions finding ways to stay in touch - an unbreakable bond was formed that weekend between them, and the relationships are deeper than everyone in attendance expected to develop.

Our 2016 retreat was once again a life changing experience for the 32 women in attendance. Please read more about our weekend together on our blog.

Plans for 2017 are well underway and the packet of information is linked below. In this packet you will find event details, information on what to expect at the retreat, as well as payment information etc. If you would like to support this event, please email for more information.

View and Download 2017 retreat packet.

Thank you to all of these wonderful organizations sponsoring a mother to attend our 2017 retreat!

Past "Healing of the Heart" Retreat Recaps

Hayden's House of Healing

Because of the overwhelming success of our Healing of the Heart retreats, we have embarked on a new adventure called Hayden's House of Healing. This initiative is our vision and dream to build our own retreat home on the east coast where we plan to host several retreats each year, not only for bereaved mothers, but couples, families, and much more.

To learn more or to donate to this project, please visit our fundraising page here.

3.12.12 - 8.16.12